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This is how you apply images in a business presentation.

Business presentations can have different goals, like informing a team about progress in a project or convincing your audience to use your service. Visual support is essential for an interesting and persuasive business presentation. So, how can you best use images in a presentation, and why are images important? We've listed some tips below.

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The structure of a business presentation.

A presentation usually consists of three parts: an introduction, a middle part, and a conclusion. The introduction introduces the topic and arouses interest in your audience. They know what to expect from your presentation and why it's interesting for them. In the middle part, you give the most important information. The conclusion summarizes the most important information, calls your audience to action, and ensures that your message is understood. You do this by creating space for questions. Read here why an interactive presentation is important.

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The function of images in a business presentation.

During a business presentation, visual support is important. Using PowerPoint or Prezi makes it easier for people to keep their attention and follow the story. You can add different types of media, including videos, tables, and images. Images make a presentation visual and provide better understanding for your audience.

This is how you apply images in a business presentation - meeting - Mr.Prezident

Examples of image use in business presentations.

There are many ways to use images in a presentation. During your introduction, you can use images that provide context or choose funny images that support the humor in the presentation. If you want to sell a product, you can add images of your product so that the audience can see exactly what you're selling. Infographics can help explain more complex information or illustrate processes.

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Which images work best for a business presentation?

The best images for your business presentation depend on the topic and goal of the presentation. You can use royalty-free images to provide context or add humor to your presentation. The best way to showcase your product is with high-quality corporate photos, and you can explain certain processes best with a customized infographic. With every image, it's important that it supports and clarifies your presentation. Therefore, only add images if they add value.

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Things to consider when placing images in a business presentation.

There are several points to consider when using images. Make sure to use your own photos or choose royalty-free photos. Avoid photos that you found on the internet. Also, avoid stock photos with people depicted largely, as their faces distract from your story and presentation.

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