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Spicing up presentations with animations

Animations, also knwon as 'graphic motions' are hot! It’s graphic design and animation in one, and makes static content move. At Mr.Prezident, we’re all about telling compelling stories. Motion graphics help us to do so.

What are those animations exactly, and why do we like it so much at Mr.Prezident? This blog explains it all, provides you with five reasons why we use motion graphics and gives examples of how we like to use it.

1. Emotionally captivating.

Motions graphics let us use music, a voiceover, or stunning visuals. Altogether, these create an impactful story. Because good music and visuals play on the emotions, the viewer immediately empathizes with the emotions and experiences on the screen.

2. Endless possibilities

Want an elephant on Mars? A new form of life? Your brand surfing on a bottle? You name it, everything is possible.

3. Easy to stay in control

Motion graphic animation can give you more control over how you tell a story than any other video format, as adapting your work only requires the storyboard and the motion graphic designer. Live-action productions, however, rely on external factors such as actors, sets, and the weather, making it harder to control the outcome.

4. Quick and effective

Combining audio and visuals, motion graphics let us say more with less content. What might be explained in a thousand-word article can be shown in minutes. A complicated process can be visually explained in 15 seconds. Its visual nature is also useful if you can’t rely on audio (e.g., a busy trade show floor).

5. The ultimate branding tool

Basically, using motion graphics is the ultimate way to get a brand name out there. It can visualize a story in a way that no static or written statement ever could. Using images and animations following color schemes and guides, we can create motion pictures that represent and reaffirm a brand position in a unique way.

Explaining the Smart & Open infrastructure for Eurofiber!

Eurofiber is an industry-leading provider of digital infrastructure, we've helped them to clarify their complex subjects through animated insightful landscapes, motion graphics! Read more about it here.

Written by Mr.Prezident motion graphic designer, Hud Duque.

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