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A day in the life of Jiske

Meet Jiske, Jiske is the youngest member of our team and started working here with an internship about a year ago. Right now she works here as a part-timer and we’re super happy to have her.

What do you need to get your day started?

The office is about a half an hour away by bicycle, this means that I get to start up with some fresh air while cycling. During the ride I listen to some new releases on my Spotify. Once I’m in the office I like to walk by everyone’s desk to see what everybody is working on.   

What gets you through the day?

Like the rest of our team I like to start with a cup of coffee, we really do value our morning coffee here! My other thing is music, I love to put some crazy tunes on or golden oldies to shake things up in the office. My taste varies from ABBA to Hip-hop. 

What do you get inspired by?

I guess that would be Piet Parra, he’s a graphic designer and illustrator from Amsterdam. He designs shoes and clothing (he even designed some shoes for Nike) but also works as an artist and I really like his work.

Next to that I get a lot of inspiration from Dribbble and Instagram. On these platforms I follow all sort of styles; from tattoo artists tot vector illustrators. I also like children’s book illustrations, one day I hope to illustrate a children’s book myself.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m just about to get started on a presentation for a lawyer’s firm. Their goal is to set an informal tone, so I’m very excited to get that started. 

Guilty pleasure?

I get laughed at in the office because every week I buy another pair of sneakers. I guess I own about 25 pair of sneakers, so I would definitely call that my guilty pleasure.