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This week Prezi launched their new tool – Prezi Business.

Here’s why working with Prezi has become even better:


Working with Prezi Business is a lot easier than working with the original Prezi. All the functions are embedded in the top bar of your editor. This gives you a clear view of the tools you can use. You can easily add a chapter or subsection somewhere in the middle and it automatically places the slide with the correct alignment in the right order. You also get a good overview of the structure of your Prezi. Instead of looking for a slide in the long list of path points, everything is divided into chapters. Prezi Business is more user-friendly. This means more people in your business will be able to make small edits in your presentation.

Cleaner look

The overview of a Prezi can sometimes look a bit cluttered. You can’t yet make up what the small pieces of content are until you zoom in to it. But you also don’t want them to fade in later, because that means you have to zoom to an empty screen first. Prezi Business combines these two steps into one. You start of with a clean overview that contains just the subject titles. When you zoom into a subject, the underlying content will be revealed. The new fade-out option also helps with keeping your screen clean. By fading out the information that is no longer needed on screen.


In Prezi Business you can now use more than 3 different fonts in the same presentation. You can choose from a selection of more than 50 different fonts. Another customizing advantage is that you can add as many custom colors as you want. You can now give every shape or text its own unique color.  


Working together in a Prezi is nothing new. But with the Slack integration you can now communicate with your colleagues from within the editor. You can leave notes at specific places in your presentation. Exchanging files will become a lot smoother as well and working together got a whole new meaning.

Measuring results

Making edits in your presentation is now done a lot more quickly. But there are still new functions that Prezi Business has to offer. The analytics tool gives you insights in your presentations. Which chapter takes the most time to explain, or which spokesperson presents the quickest. These are very useful statistics for businesses to optimize their presentations.