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Tonys Chocoloney prezi with a purpose

One of our most colorful presentations of the past few months we made as a tribute to our favourite chocolate company Tony’s Chocolonely. An inspiring project, not only because of the yummy chocolate! Read all about it in this week’s blog.

In jail for eating chocolate

Teun van de Keuken is a Dutch journalist, who in 2002 started researching if slave free chocolate existed. He discovered that not a single chocolate manufacturer could make this claim. This disturbing discovery lead Teun to implicate himself in a crime to make a public point. He ate 17 bars of chocolate, and took himself to court for knowingly purchasing and consuming illegally made chocolate. The case was eventually dismissed by Dutch courts, due to them being out of their jurisdiction.

Teun then decided to take the next step. Since none of the chocolate manufactures he contacted were willing to commit to making slave free chocolate, he started his own company and released a milk chocolate bar. His aim was not to harm its makers. Today, Tony’s Chocolonely continues to strive for a world with 100% slave free chocolate. With a steady increase in business, they have even expanded the brand to the US, with the first international office opening in Portland Oregon in 2015. 

Our mission

As we are headquartered in Amsterdam, like most locals we are well acquainted with the story. Since Tony’s has been set up with such a tremendous mission in mind and an equally delicious product, we wanted to create Prezi to spread the word even further.  


We went all out to ensure that, like Tony’s, we remained authentic to the brand identity. Our designers created physical paper cutouts to re-create the Tony’s handmade brand look.

We then photographed and digitalized these. It resulted in the overall handmade look and feel presentation design. Have a look below. Can you tell which one is real and which one isn't?


Not all chocolate pieces are equal

A big part of Tony’s identity is that, much like the chocolate manufacturing industry, it is imperfect. Tony’s Chocolonely uses a hand drawn style with rough edges. Even the chocolate bar itself is divided in non-uniform pieces, to emphasize the rampant industry inequality. This ideology also allowed us to come up with the narrative to telling Tony’s Chocolatey story.

Please have a look at the case or the Prezi to learn more about Tony’s Chocolonely and their mission. Do help us spread the word!