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Wich prezi license should i choose

There are different Prezi licenses you can get. In order for you to choose which one fits you best, we’ve summed up all the pro’s and con’s.

Free for all!

Prezi is one of the most popular free presentation tools you can find at the moment. This is especially the case since the launch of Prezi Next, a tool that is a lot more user-friendly and quicker to learn than Prezi Classic. So if you’re wondering if Prezi Next is the tool for you, sign up for free. Create and store an unlimited amount of presentations and share them with non-prezi users. Start learning by choosing from over a hundred different free templates. Note however, that the presentations you create in a free account will be visible for everyone. When you don’t want your prezis to be public you will have to upgrade to a standard license which costs $7 (or €7) a month. If you’re a student or a teacher though, you get free access to this feature!

For Professional Presenters

The plus license is the package for all experienced speakers out there; the ones that don’t want to take any chances with internet connection for example. With the Plus package you can download your presentations and receive a portable prezi that can be used everywhere. Professional presenters don’t read bullet points out loud from the projection screen, but they do need a cheat sheet every now and then. That’s why Prezi Plus has presenter notes, that only you get to see. To make sure the audience will remember your presentation, export your prezi to PDF and give them handouts of your slides. All these functions can be accessed for $19 (or €19) a month with the plus license.

Team up with your Business!

For corporate teams Prezi has even more advantages to offer with Prezi Business. If you’re a starter and if you and your team have a Business License, we can create a template that is fully branded and even has your corporate font. All your employees will now represent your company's brand to the fullest. But the true value presentations have for your company are not measured at the moment supreme. They are measured when the presentation is over. With Prezi Business you can send out your presentation afterwards as an interactive sales tool. Receive a Slack notification when somebody opens it, and check which topic they find the most interesting with Prezi Analytics. A team Business license costs $59 (or €59) a month per user.

Pricing of Prezi Licenses

If you are interested in a Prezi Business license for your team, contact us and we will set up an account for you.