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How to make your presentation more interactive?

If you add a bit of interactivity to your presentation, chances are that your presentation will be much better perceived. Interactivity adds playfulness which enhances the engagement of your audience because it creates an opportunity to participate. See below some tools which will definitely bring your presentation to the next level. 


Kahoot! is a tech tool that administers quizzes, discussions and surveys. You can gamify your presentation by blending your slides with interactive games to turn up your engagement with the audience. Also it enables everyone to pitch in their thoughts.


If Kahoot! is not your thing, you might want to try Sli.do. It’s also a Q&A and polling platform which works really well for events.


Maybe you have already been to a presentation where they used the Catchbox. The Catchbox is a soft, big dice which you can throw into the audience (if you’ve never heard of it before, you might raise your eyebrow here). The dice also functions as a microphone and creates a lot of fun and interaction with your audience. You can also customize the dice any way you want in terms of colors and logos.


Of course Prezi also belongs in this list. Why? Because you can present your presentation now from your phone, of course your phone is connected to the screen. The advantage of presenting from your phone is that you can choose multiple paths through the presentation instead of following the fastest path with your clicker.


This presentation system streams your presentation real time to the devices of your audience, like smartphones, tablets or laptops. How it works? Your audience needs to download an app, after that they’re able to see your content, make notes in it and share it with others.

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