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From client meeting to presentation

If you expect to read how you’re going to get the key on building an amazing presentation, well, hold your horses, because we’re not going to spill the beans that easily. We do want to explain which steps we take from the first meeting with a client up to the final product though.

The first client meeting

When we meet our client for the very first time, it’s usually one of our Project Managers and our Client Service Director Sven hitting the road. We get to know the client and the client gets to know us. We explain our services and dive into the idea of the client and the purpose of the presentation. In some cases the client already has a preference for a specific presentation tool, if not we brainstorm about the best solution during the workshop.


In the workshop we brainstorm. We involve everyone that is part of the project team, so we have multiple disciplines when wondering about what the presentation we will create. What do you want to achieve? What key message is important? After the workshop we have all the information to start the creation process! 

Building the framework

First, our story expert start to create a storyline by building a framework. Which information should be in the presentation and - more importantly - where? It’s all about creating a logical path and narrative for the target audience. Building this can be quite chaotical, since there are printouts everywhere which need to be put into logical order, there are drawn structures on whiteboards and sometimes everything needs to be restructured again.


When the process of building a framework is coming to a final stage, the designer comes into action. The designer first defines a style for the presentation, if necessary; sometimes we receive a full brand guide, sometimes it’s only a website for reference. After that we create a concept that shows the ‘flow’ and the look and feel of the to be created presentation. When the concept is approved we start the full design, bringing the whole story to life. 


When the whole team including the client is happy with the deck, we start the development phase! At this stage everything comes together even more! Especially when a presentation has build-in interactivity to have the flexibility to go to the right information at the right time in the conversation.

Once we created the complete deck, we have some scheduled review time with the team and also with the client to check if we’re all on the same page. When we’re all happy with the final product, we deliver it to the client.

Want to check out one of our presentations? This is a film of our interactive Prezi presentation for TNO with which we won the Prezi Award 2018!