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Content is king

It is a common known fact, mentioned by professionals daily. Are you building a new website, a new app, a new whatever; is it SEO proof? Because content is king, remember.

But is it really? When we stroll the web we see loads of it. Waste of time, waste of space. But if you follow these 4 golden rules, your content can be your king.

#1 Structure

Did you ever walk into a library? What if all the books were on one big pile and the librarian is sitting there while your looking for that title that you need to have. Guess not. But guess what? On websites this happens all the time. Do you have an online catalog? Make sure all your individual files are named properly.When it comes to texts and especially texts that need to lure readers; make sure they are web proof. Short paragraphs and subtitles do the trick.

#2 Address the right people

Nobody sends mail out and when they’re not sure the address is right. So why put content on your website when your not addressing your crowd in a proper way. Know your audience, know your customers and write technical, official, creative, abusive or whatever, if it suits them. Even if it doesn’t suit you.

#3 Stay up to date

If your milk says best before march 2007, would you still drink it? Nobody would. Stupid question? Just as milk expires, commercial texts expire. Unless you’re Herman Melville, you’ll have to rewrite your texts. At least once every two years. Do not think that this rule does not apply to video. It does. Cutting and editing tricks that are cool today, can be lame tomorrow. Just like the word cool. While we’re at it, check your photographs and visuals too. Actually, rethink your whole website lay-out every couple of years.

#4 Be relevant or be nothing

We love rules like this one, because you can always toss them into a conversation and they’re always right. But in this case it is really important. Make sure your content is worthwhile. If it’s not, dump it. People are looking for answers, want to be entertained or they are bored and happen to land on your homepage. Comfort them with the right content and they will return. Discomfort them with unnecessary, not even funny or just too much whatever and they’ll leave to never come back. Just bear that in mind.

Respectfully yours,

Mr. Prezident