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Create prezis even faster

"My Collection" is a folder where you can store frequently used objects from your presentations. Whenever you'd like to add or remove these objects, here is how.

1. Right click on an object

While editing your presentation, hover over your mouse on an object. When you see the blue outline around the object, right-click and choose 'Add to My Collection'.

2. From My Collection…

Choose 'From My Collection…' from the dropdown menu when you click on 'Insert' in the top menu.

3. Insert My Collection object

Now click on the object you want to insert and click on 'Insert'. When you want to remove anything from your collection, hover over your mouse on the object in your collection and click on the red 'X' button in the top-right corner of the object.

Now you know how to add and remove objects to and from your collection and how to insert them to the Prezi canvas as well. Use this to your advantage and save valuable time and money right away.

Using your collection in combination with a branded template is the fastest and easiest way to create prezi presentations yourself. We can integrate your corporate identity in a template for you, set up your collection for every of your team members' Prezi account and train you in how to use these.

Yours truly,