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Five tips to keep your online audience engaged! 

After months of working remotely, it’s safe to say that presenting online is a whole different beast when compared to face to face meetings.  COVID-19 has been going on for a while and patience is wearing thin. Online presenting needs a little extra attention to ensure you engage your audience and keep up energy and interest.

In this article, we’ll provide a few practical and easy tips to make your presentation fresh and interesting!

Simplify your slides. 
By designing your slides in a clear and simple way you keep your audience from struggling to see what’s on your slide. Make it easy for them to read and absorb: use big titles and clear imagery. 

Turn things around, literally!  
To make your presentation surprising, turn the content of your presentation around for a change. Start with the statements or conclusions you’d want to share. This way your audience is on point from the beginning. 


Pick up the pace. 
To prevent your audience from doing something else during the presentation, keep the speed up. It’s better to spread your content across multiple slides and click through at a fast pace then to stay on one heavy slide for a longer time.  

Be energetic. 
Present with enthusiasm, it attracts the people that listen to you and will have a positive effect on them. Try to stand when presenting, just like we used to do in 'traditional' presentations! Just place your laptop higher, the standing will give you an active attitude and helps a lot in feeling energetic. 


Plan breaks. 
If you give a relatively long presentation, we’d recommend a proper break during the call. Motivate your audience to go for a 10 minute walk. It will give your audience some fresh air and new energy to continue the meeting. 

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