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How to end your presentation?

Finishing your presentation may seem simple, but deciding on the content for your last slide - the slide which people will remember most - can be a pain in the ***. We have all seen the presentation deck with a corny last slide such as ‘thank you for listening’ (please never do that), or one which contains way too much information. But then again, what do you want on your last slide? Well, we wouldn’t pose the question if we couldn’t answer it.

1. Finish your slide with a bang by repeating the main message in three to five words. Use a matching visual which is qualitative and powerful and your audience will go home with your presentation stuck in their heads.

2. Depending on the type of presentation, you can decide if you want to use the last slide for your contact details. For example: if you’re sending the presentation out through email, it could be wise to include your contact details to encourage the receivers to reach out to you. However if you’re presenting in front of an audience this is not always the preferred last slide.

3. Finish with a story, preferably a story which is close to you and moves people. This might sound weird as most presentations start with the story, but you can also do both. So, start with your story but don’t finish it, instead tell them that you will get back to it later (which will be at the end). This will trigger the attention of your audience and creates a powerful ending of your presentation.

4. Start a discussion by posing a question. This is much more effective than a slide with ‘any questions’, as you can guide your audience by posing your own question. It will stimulate the audience to engage in your topic which will contribute to the overall effectiveness of your presentation.

5. End with a positive note. This can be an outstanding result, interesting forecast or something else which is worth sharing.

6. This may sound unconventional, but finish your presentation with a game. This can be literally almost anything, just let your creativity go wild.

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