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Hyundai i30

This time we bring you news with a sunny twist! In January, a Mr.Prezident team travelled to Marbella, Spain, to work with Hyundai Motor Europe on their New Generation 
Hyundai i30 press launch event.

We were excited, as it was the second time we worked for a media test drive. Our goal was to exceed the benchmark set at the previous event for the IONIQ, Hyundai’s hybrid and electric model.

View the PowerPoint we created below.

Presentation to impress the press

The journalists from all over Europe test drove along the mountains from Malaga to Marbella on the nicest routes before arriving at the hotel, where experts presented the product and brand story on a tailor-made screen. We were asked to deliver a creative PowerPoint presentation (not a Prezi!), so we made sure we had the best PowerPoint designer around leading the event. Our very own South American maestro Hud, was flown in from his native Brazil.

The presentation looked marvelous, highlighted the key messages clearly, and ran without a hitch. The animated PowerPoint presentation showed the exterior and interior of the car as well as its features. Together with expert presenters from Hyundai Europe, it left the press impressed!


The Presentation in Marbella

Mutual trust

Hud and our Lead European Account Manager Fleur look back on a satisfying cooperation. We believe that the mutual trust that existed between Hyundai and Mr.Prezident was key to the success. And the Spanish lunches and dinners that were shared during our time in Marbella were not only enjoyable, but actually increased the morale and confidence between the teams!

Several other factors co-ensured the presentation was well received. The beautiful event location on the Marbella coast and the massive screen (5,3 x 2,4 meter!), the tailor-made designs flowing animations used to display the presentation did help. But most importantly was the excellent cooperation with the Hyundai Motor Europe and VOK DAMS teams.


Celebrating with caipirinhas

After Hud’s great work, we are planning to collaborate more with this PowerPoint guru. What he says about his work with us: “Mr.Prezident can push the creative envelope to new levels without stressing anybody out, and simultaneously ensuring the best customer experience.” Before he flew back to Brazil he did share a few nice homemade caipirinhas with us to celebrate a good event. Cheers!

Hud and Fleur on the beach