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Big, Big news came out this week about Prezi and Infogram!

While we have all seen the type of movement Prezi can create on screen, they have now made a bold move off screen by acquiring the Latvian infographics and data visualization company Infogram. This is the first time in Prezi’s nine-year history that they have acquired another company. Infogram will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Prezi. For now it will continue to run and develop an independent platform and remain headquartered in Latvia.

Infogram is a relatively young company that started out in Riga in 2012. The software works with  a “What you see is What you get” mentality, AKA: WYSIWYG. The program converts data into beautiful infographics that the user can publish or embed anywhere they like. With approximately three million users, Infogram is quickly becoming the go-to platform for visual data creation.

Creating visuals that are difficult to ignore

Since Prezi is an established creative visual storytelling platform, the acquisition of a newcomer within the same area of expertise is a logical next step. Adding Infogram to the portfolio will allow Prezi to expand its businesses and product offerings as well as provide their user base with more tools to create captivating visual presentations. As both platforms continue to grow, this is a real opportunity to drive the notion of visual and conversational presenting. Prezi’s goal is to move people, affect emotion, inspire action, and ignite transformation. In today's society we have so much noise around us that it has become increasingly difficult to grab attention and captivate. Together with Infogram Prezi hopes to offer platforms that allows for the simple creation of visuals that are difficult to ignore.

“Prezi was inspired to unite with Infogram because of our shared mission to help people make better decisions by providing more effective tools for visual communication,”

- Prezi CEO and cofounder Peter Arvai - 

So what can we expect from this combined effort moving forward?

While Prezi and Infogram will continue as separate products, there will be a concerted effort to deliver the best and most powerful visual digital tools available. The platforms are planning to lead the way of future visual communications together.