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Boosting our battle against dull communication

The New Boys’ Network has finalized an investment round to boost the growth of their creative agencies Mr.Prezident and Fresqo.

Design agencies Mr.Prezident and Fresqo receive a financial injection from three informal investors and thus continue their battle against dull and complex corporate communication. 

Amsterdam, 21 March 2017 – After growing naturally for five years, The New Boys’ Network has completed an investment round this month. The funding will be used to strengthen the workforce and operational processes of both creative agencies Mr.Prezident and Fresqo in their battle against dull and complex corporate communication. The agencies work for multinational organizations such as; Hyundai, KPMG, ABN AMRO and Dell.

The three involved investors originate from the founders own network and believe in the vision of these two young entrepreneurs. Besides capital, the informal investors bring a broad experience from the industry and agency scene.

“Now we have successfully completed the investment round, we’re primarily going to focus on preserving and attracting more talent to scale up. Our objective is to grant our team with more responsibilities so that we, the founders, can focus mainly on achieving our creative and commercial goals. We have managed to show that our potential is huge and now we will put our money where our mouth is”, co-founder Pieter Bosschaart says about the future plans for Mr.Prezident and Fresqo. 

The New Boys’ Network is the company that the agencies Mr.Prezident (Corporate Presentations) and Fresqo (Illustrations & Animations) are subject to. These specialist companies offer a complimentary package of services that help corporates, governmental and educational institutes to structure and visualize their presentations, pitches, researches and reports.

How it started

“Before we founded Mr.Prezident, we came to a very important insight. The world of Corporate Presentations seemed to have stood still since the introduction of Powerpoint, over thirty years ago. No matter how big or cool a brand looked from the outside, in the meeting rooms it got dull, whereas this should have been the place to inspire clients and excite employees. By simplifying complex stories from our clients in our own way, we created a presentation that was new to our clients and the industry.

In a short matter of time we worked for the top brands in Europe and America. Our clients recognized the talent within our team and therefore asked us about other types of content. Think of animated film, infographics, printed materials and corporate branding. This is where our second agency Fresqo emerged”, founder Paul van Hattem explains.

“Both agencies, their growth and international expansion towards New York and Singapore have been funded from our own pockets. Very adventurous and challenging, but this sometimes slowed us down and it makes us a best kept secret in the opinion of many”, Bosschaart explains, who is responsible for the business strategy of both agencies.