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Our secret recipe for successful presentation slides.

Creating a presentation and creating a meal actually involves the same steps. We came up with a secret recipe that you can use for successful slide design. 

In the recipe you will find how to come up with an idea. You need to have a good idea for a presentation to make sure your most important message sticks. 

Then we share our thoughts about how to prepare your presentation design. It’s important to take your time to decide and organize the topics you are going to use in the presentation. You can use a tool like Ideaflip to write down your thoughts. Done with writing down all your ideas and thoughts? Then creating wireframes for your slides are the next steps. Make sure that you will structure your slides and include only the things that really matter for your presentation. Also, the look & feel, location and technical details are important to take in consideration during the preparation-phase before starting cooking.

After the preparation we will start with cooking. First step in this phase will be to define the first slides. Consistency is the most important factor during slide design, when you start adding consistency in the beginning of your slide design you will see this result in an efficient presentation design. Use the same elements for the other slides as well. Cooking is done! 

After cooking we give you some guidance on how to serve the meal. Here we already give some advice on what you can find in the secret recipe: You should present with enthusiasm and believe. Be proud and passionate about your dish! Smile :) 

Watch the video below

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