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PowerPoint to Prezi

Are you bored of your PowerPoint presentation and do you want to change it to something more dynamic? Then this new feature within Prezi might just be your thing. With this feature it is really easy to transform your existing PowerPoint to a Prezi. With Prezi you can add zoom functions and alter your current deck into a visually compelling presentation.

Okay so what do you need to convert your PowerPoint? Well, to use this feature you need to set up a paid Prezi account (if you need help with your type of license, check out this post). If you open Prezi with your paid account, you will directly see the function ‘Convert PowerPoint’ in the left corner.

A new screen will open where you can upload a PowerPoint presentation (on the right side of your screen, just like the picure underneath). You don’t need to insert the complete presentation if you don’t want all the slides, but you can choose the relevant slides and transform these into Prezi. When inserted, Prezi will automatically create hierarchy when you choose a group of slides that belong together.

When your content is check, you can create a new look and feel by adjusting the background, layout, shapes and colors.

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