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Prezi Awards 2019

We are super happy to announce that we have won yet another Prezi Award! Our presentation for Zaanse Mayonaise (with one n: as it written in Dutch) has won the award for Best Business Prezi 2019. 

The presentation takes you on a visual tour through the one and only mayonnaise factory in the Netherlands, its processes and history. 

Mr.Prezident helps people and organisations to achieve more with presentations. Our outstanding team of storytellers and (motion) graphic designers have impressed audiences all around the globe since 2011. We make a difference by creating impactful presentations in various tools such as PowerPoint, Prezi and Google Slides.

With an objective focussed approach and dedicated client teams, Mr.Prezident is not your average presentation agency. By adding training and software solutions to our activities in 2019, Mr.Prezident now is the one-stop-shop-full-service-presentation-partner for ambitious organisations aiming to be more successful with presentations. Over the past years, we have closely collaborated with known big-boys such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Dell, PwC, Gucci and the United Nations. However, we are not just here for the rich and famous. We are here for everyone that wants to tell an inspiring story.

By winning the Best Business Prezi award 2019, Mr.Prezident has now won a total of 5 Prezi Awards.

2014 - Best Overall Design - Agrimore

2015 - Best Educational Prezi - The Amazing Human Body

2017 - Best Overall Design - Belgian Nuclear Research Science Centre

2018 - Staff Favorite - TNO

2019 - Best Business Prezi - Zaanse Mayonaise 

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