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Prezi mobile presenting

As you might know we're not only in the business of creating presentations, we're also Prezi Certified Trainers. Our training courses are mostly Prezi-related, but consist of modules such as creative idea development and public speaking too.

Mobile Presenting

One of our trainers, Menno van Rosmalen, knows everything there is to know about Prezi and is an avid writer when it comes to presentation related topics. As of yesterday he has started writing for one of Netherlands' biggest blogs, Dutch Cowboys. In his first article he discusses Mobile Presenting; a recently added feature of Prezi and currently a hot topic in the field of presenting.

" Now, no matter where you are, you'll be able to present—and your audience will be able to follow along on their own device… We believe that mobile presenting is the future" – Prezi

Want to know more about Mobile Presenting?

Read the full article here: Prezi presents: Mobile Presenting