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Proud winners

We are proud to announce that we've been awarded the Prezi Award for Best Overall Design with our agriMORE Prezi. This is a fantastic reward for the hard work put in by our entire team.

"Creativity, hard work, and mastery of Prezi are all necessary ingredients when it comes to making the best prezi of the year. We are thrilled to name Agrimore by the designers at Mr. Prezident as the winner of this category." – Prezi


agriMORE is an online platform that connects all the links in the fresh produce chains, from producer to consumer and vice versa. The challenge we faced was to visualize this and get their story across in a unique, but most of all clear way.

We're in this business because we know just how strong the impact of a presentation can be when it's well-designed, tells a story, and when it reaches the hearts and minds of its audience. This award therefore is testament to our continuous efforts to create beautiful presentations that tell the tale and surpass the expectations of the audience.