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From marketing professional to startup owner

Ron Simpson was living his life doing all kinds of PR and marketing activities. And then all of a sudden he became the owner of an avocado restaurant, which turned into a successful avocado startup within a year.  What drove The Avocado Show co-owner to do this? Ron spoke on Mr.Prezident's first Power Hour and took his audience through the entire Avocado Show journey. He did all this within 20 minutes, quite an accomplishment, but necessary at the power hour, which knows 3 speakers that each have 20 minutes to share their story.

Ron was the very first speaker on our very first Power Hour event. Power Hour is one hour of inspirational stories, followed by drinks and a chat, at our beautiful office location. At Power Hour, you'll get the chance to see leaders share their story and to be updated on the latest trends in presentations and storytelling.

Click on the image below to see Ron's presentation. And stay tuned for our next power hour event, which will be held at the end of September!