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The best PPT solutions for your corporate presentation.

Do you need to prepare for a presentation anytime soon and do you need some advice for your PowerPoint? We’re here to help you. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee and take 5 minutes to sit back while reading these tips to make your PPT outstanding.

Get a storyline

This might seem obvious, but it’s one of the most important tips before starting your presentation. What is your theme and what is it you want to tell your audience? Map out your story before getting started on the presentation, this will make it much easier for you. 

Avoid bullet points

We can’t stress this enough but bullet points are very 2000. So instead of using bullets use high quality images, some figures and charts if needed and limited text. Also, please don’t go for obvious stock pictures but try to find more genuine images.

Less is more

Don’t overdo it with too much content in one slide. Remember that your story is leading and that people only want to look at the slides for back-up. Presentations work better if the slides are clean and not distracting from the story you’re trying to tell.

Take the animations easy

Within PowerPoint there are endless possibilities for animations. While some might really work for the level of professionality of your presentation, others won’t. So take it easy and don’t pick animations which will bounce all over your screen. For obvious reasons.


This is important if you’re sharing your PPT file with others or if you want to work with others on the same file. Perhaps you have the latest PowerPoint version and you need to work with older formats too, in this case it’s best to work in compatibility mode. You can also Run Compatibility Checker to ensure that your presentation does not have compatibility issues, and if you no longer need compatibility with earlier versions of PowerPoint, you can convert a presentation to the current file type.

Finish with a powerful slide

Make your audience walk out the door with your presentation still in mind. To achieve this, finish off strong by using a powerful anecdote, exciting news or a positive forecast. It will energize people.

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