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The impact an interactive presentation makes. 

Providing your audience with the exact information they are interested in will keep them engaged. Also (or especially) now working remotely has become more common, we tend to send more to and engage less with our audience. Let’s put that right and start having conversations. Using interactivity in presentations will enable you to do so. 

Interactive, clickable buttons

Various presentation tools like PowerPoint, Prezi and slides.com give the opportunity to make your presentation interactive. By adding menus, hubs, clickable buttons, pop-ups and numerous other assets. With these clickable buttons you can reveal the right information, at the right time, for the right audience. It will make your presentation flexible and easy to navigate. Like a website! 

A path that fits your audience’s interest 

 Within an interactive presentation you’ll be able to have multiple storylines in one presentation. As a presenter you are able to navigate freely and take your audience on a journey that fits the specific topics that they are interested in. It gives you the ability to have a conversation with your audience, supported by a powerful presentation. It expands the reach and impact of your presentation!  

Clear overviews 

When you enable a presenter to take its own route, structure is even more important. In an interactive PowerPoint for example, the ability to make clickable overviews and menus can give a clear view on where you are in the story. It prevents you and the audience from getting lost and confused.  

The ability to ‘hide’ more information

 Interactivity in your presentation also gives you the ability to ‘hide’ extra content you wouldn’t normally explain, but could come in handy. In that case a ‘more information’ button or pop up slide is a useful asset, to go into more detailed information when desired.

Whichever interactive functionality you’d like to use, it will bring your presentation to a new level. Being both personal and conversational.  

Achieve more with your presentations, use interactivity.