Outsource your online presentation design.

Designing and developing a presentation that will be shared online or in a video call requires a slightly different design approach. Big online presentation coming up? Need to wow an online crowd? Have our team of presentation specialists design your presentation for you. 


Have a look at our cases page for online presentation inspiration.

Our favorite online and remote presentation tools

MS Teams

Microsoft stepted up big time with MS Teams. A full service communication platform with great features for online presenting. We're especially pleased with PowerPoint live, as an alternative to screen sharing.


Zoom seems to be one of the best video conferencing tools in terms of performance. A free plan allows you to have a 40 min call with up to 100 people.

Google Meet

If you are used to working within the Google business suite. Meet is your place to go in times of remote presenting and online presentation. It’s an easy tool to share your screen and show your presentation to a large audience or a one on one call.


Whereby is definitely the easiest tool to use out there if you’re not using one of the big and well known enterprise solutions like Google business or Microsoft teams. Simply set up an account and generate a link.


Foleon is an online publication tool. Think digital magazine goes 7.0, filled with rich content such as film and interactivity. A powerful aid to send over information beforehand or afterwards.

Prezi Video

Prezi video is the new kid on the block, from the people who brought you Prezi. Prezi video allows you and your content to be in one single screen. So no small box with your head in it. Your presentation is all around you.


Shaman is a cross platform sales tool that lets you import all your marketing collateral. You can import pdf files, PowerPoint, videos and photos and create your own storyline with these elements.
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