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How to structure your PowerPoint templates.

A successful PowerPoint presentation should captivate the audience without causing distraction. One of the most important aspects is a well-structured slide layout, as the design of your presentation can either engage your audience or make it difficult for them to focus. To make a great first impression, it's crucial to use an effective slide layout. Here, we explain everything you need to know about creating captivating PowerPoint templates.

How to structure your PowerPoint templates - meeting - Mr.Prezident

The importance of good PowerPoint templates.

Properly structuring your PowerPoint slides is essential for delivering a successful presentation. You want your audience to remain attentive and engaged throughout your entire presentation. Therefore, ensure that your message is supported by a beautifully designed and well-organized PowerPoint template. By guiding your listeners through your PowerPoint presentation, you can ensure their attention stays focused and that your story is clear and concise.

How to structure your PowerPoint templates - meeting - Mr.Prezident

Creating a logical PowerPoint template: tips and tricks.

Creating a logical PowerPoint template is all about following a few basic principles:

  • Place different elements where people expect them to be. For example, a title should be at the top, while bullet points should be listed below.
  • A logical slide layout should not have long paragraphs of text, but rather a concise summary or bullet points.
  • If you want a complete presentation that you can adapt to your audience on the spot, choose an interactive PowerPoint presentation. An interactive presentation is designed so that you can easily jump between slides and skip parts of the presentation.
How to structure your PowerPoint templates - meeting - Mr.Prezident

Adapting an existing PowerPoint template.

If you're creating a new PowerPoint presentation, you can select the desired slide layout and build from there. If all the information is already in the presentation but the slide layout needs some work, you can also work with an existing presentation. Click on View in the tab and select Slide Master to easily change the slide layout. You can choose from different standard layouts that PowerPoint offers and customize the appearance as desired.

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Let your slide layout support your story.

When creating a slide layout, it's important that the layout supports your story. It's not about cramming as much information onto the slides as possible, but rather supporting your narrative. You can do this, for example, by sharing infographics or maps that illustrate what you're saying. Images and key points can also support and guide your presentation. A PowerPoint presentation should never distract from your story.

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