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Interactive PowerPoint

We think your next presentation
should be an interactive PowerPoint.

Instead of going through your presentation slide by slide, you can navigate freely, choose to skip parts, create shortcuts and by doing so, tailor your presentation to the needs of your audience on the spot.

So what makes a PowerPoint interactive?

You can create non-linear structures for your presentation by adding interactivity.

You can make your presentation operate and look like a website or an app. The real fun starts when you add animation to the mix. Inspired by web design and UX and UI we use subtle animations in our presentation to make your presentation come to life, to create flow, and to guide the eye of the spectator. 


Have a look at our cases page for more interactive inspiration.


Interactive menu

With an interactive menu you can adapt your story on the spot depending on your audience. Sometimes you might want to get into the details and sometimes you might want to skip them. An interactive menu also allows you to let the discussion decide where to go in your presentation, since you can navigate freely.


Click and reveal

This is a very specific interaction that allows you to disclose information by clicking on a specific element, such as a tab, icon or character. We think this interaction is of great value when you want to share a contrast (before- after, problem - solution). But there are of course way more creative reasons to choose for a click and reveal interaction.

Interested in going interactive?

Let's schedule a free introductory meeting to learn more about your presentation objectives and discuss how we might be able to help you achieve them.