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Meet Emily

Emily is our office manager and makes sure everything runs smoothly in our day-to-day business. It can get pretty chaotic with 18 people running around, especially when it comes to their lunch (and even tea or coffee) preferences. Making everyone happy while making sure it doesn’t get too crazy is what she does best, and we’re pretty grateful for that. Yes, here comes the tacky tag: #grateful.

How does your day start?

I can’t wake up without my shower, so that’s the very first thing I do. After that I’ll dive into my wardrobe to think of yet another outfit. Because I’m 35 weeks pregnant at the moment, this means I have a wardrobe crisis every single day. After a quick breakfast I rush to the office. I’m always one of the first people to arrive so I can get everything up and running.

What do you like about your job?

I like that every day consists of different components. For instance I work  on finance and HR for a couple hours, but I also support our party committee and work on project administration. I have a background in the food & beverage industry; that’s where my passion for taking care of people comes from. Making the office cosy and well taken care of, ordering groceries and deciding on the ‘sandwich of the week’ are all things I enjoy doing.

Sandwich of the week?

The sandwich of the week is something fun we do every Thursday and is a pretty big deal at the office: it definitely add and element of fun and comradery to the office environment.

Lists, lists, lists.

I write everything I need to do down in my notebook. This holy notebook is therefore quite important as there is a ton of information which must not be lost; such as passwords, useful details and tasks. Should the notebook ever get lost, the office would very likely to collapse into chaos (insert evil laugh).

You work 3 days per week at the office, what else do you do?

I also work as a personal shopper, which means that I shop for complete new wardrobes, general looks or certain outfits for special events. I love to see people flourish whenever they wear their new outfit. Especially if it’s something they wouldn’t have picked themselves. Sometimes you can literally see their confidence grow whenever they wear something that really works for them.

How does this work?

First I discuss their preferred fabrics, colors and brands over coffee. After this meeting I create a moodboard on Pinterest to display my thoughts through multiple styles. When the client approves, I start shopping. It’s a very cool and creative process. However, right now it’s a bit more difficult to walk around and carry bags because of the pregnancy. So at the moment I’m mostly busy with decorating the baby room and shopping for my soon to be born nugget. As I don’t know the gender yet (we like to be surprised), I have to choose gender neutral colors or a little print every now and then.