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SxSW 2017 Part 2

In last weeks blog we summarized our first few days at SXSW. Although the excitement has now come to a close, we have another great experience to look back on.

We met countless enthusiastic entrepreneurs & business leaders that have only energized us to continue telling fascinating stories through beautiful design. Today we will quickly summarize the activities during our last two days at the festival.

Day 4: A day of VR

Because the core events around SXSW Interactive such as the Expo, the Accelerator event and the interactive panels had ended on Wednesday, I wanted to to make sure I used my time wisely. With an eye towards the future I decided to dedicate the day to VR/AR innovation. I first visited the Virtual Cinema at the JW Marriott. This was a space used to showcase various VR production companies best and most innovative work. I could have easily spent my entire day in this area however the wait to partake in each VR session ranged from about 30 minutes to an hour. So while I did not have the patience to visit every demo, I was able to take a tour of the White House followed by a meeting with Obama, Travel to Mars, sit on stage at a Cirque du Soleil show and travel back in time and escape the jaws of a T-Rex. I continue to believe that Virtual Reality will transform the way we interact with technology and experience the world around us. The technology has tremendous storytelling potential that allows for an immersive experience, unlike any other platform can provide.

Later in the afternoon I attended a panel discussion titled “Brands are Leading the Way in the Evolution of VR”. The panel focused on dissecting the ecosystem behind brands and VR, while looking into the relationship between agencies and brands and analyzing why VR content is being driven by Brands. The speakers on the panel shared my believe, realizing that stories can be told in VR in more immersive and integrated ways than ever before.

Day 5: FLatStock  

It was my final day in Austin and I had a flight to catch back to NYC at 5PM. I wanted to spend the morning at the festivals FlatStock exhibition. The event was presented by the American Poster Institute and displayed works of the world’s top gig poster artists. The large hall featured hundreds of posters in varying styles, created by talented artists. I was very excited to speak with and be inspired by several of the artists, even discussing collaboration opportunities with our agency.

Check out some of the artist that were in attendance here. Perhaps you will see some of their work in an upcoming presentation.


What an event it was! Another week of long and action packed days. Just like the previous year we arrived eager to learn and left inspired, motivated and with the unavoidable cold. Although SXSW is over we’ll keep on searching for new ways to learn about how companies will design and present their ideas and stories in the future.

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