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The office punching bag

No we don’t mean the office Sean Spicer, we mean an actual punching bag.

While we genuinely already have a great company atmosphere, after our recent punching bag purchase we noticed a significant change in the overall company mood. It’s got us wondering why we didn't think of this before. So without our further adue, here are 4 reasons why you should get an office punching bag too!

#1 Strong in Mind

It’s time to get those endorphins flowing. Amazingly, a punching back allows you to unwind & build confidence at the same time. While you are hitting the bag, you can take out and release any stress you may have build up during that last crazy deadline. And you know that feeling when you leave an action movie and feel like you could be that hero? Well now you can at least pretend you are and feel even better about it, without having to hurt anyone. The release of dopamine will cause a feeling of satisfaction leading to "I can do that" attitude.

#2 Fun

Who doesn’t like hitting stuff? Ok not everyone does, but it can be fun to test yourself and track skill improvement over time. The Punching bag can be the new 'coffee break', simply grab one of your colleagues, have them hold the back and tell them why Dave in IT is annoying the crap out of you, or how you saw Sharon from Sales hook up with Leonard from Accounting.

#3 You got to Pump it Up!

For those of us who are not super human, being an adult is hard. We are lucky to have fun creative jobs, but that does not mean we don’t work long hours and don’t get tired. With that, we seldom have time to go home, cook, eat and hit gym. We do however completely recognize that daily exercise is a vital to feeling good. This then creates a chain reaction, cuzzz if you feel good physically it will  help you out mentally. If you feel mentally strong, you will have an improved attitude at the office. A better attitude will then affect the overall company morale.

#4 Small investment, Huge gaines

The Average heavy weight bag cost about $80.00. While gym memberships for all employees would nice, an in office bag is a great alternative for businesses operating on a  smaller budget. Besides all you need are some gloves and something strong to hang it on. We hung it up right in front of our wall of inspiration. The office space has really transformed into a location where our team can free their mind.