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Presentation Design Agency Kicks off a New Term

That’s it. Our account managers are sitting up straight and the designers are taking a deep breath. Today, Mr.Prezident transforms into an all-round, presentation design agency! Reporting and at your service, to support you with all your presentation questions, desires and needs.

We just won a Prezi Award and will of course continue to create beautiful Prezi presentations for you. However, over the last six years we have grown, and gathered much experience in building effective presentations. We have repositioned our agency, to show the world that we can do so much more; we’re here to change the presentation game!

Empowering presenters

We empower you to tell your story by helping to craft your narrative. We then build your presentation with whichever tools we agree on. And then, the long awaited day arrives on which you need to present. Afraid the screen will go black, the audio won’t function, or you run out of words? Don’t worry, we give support on these fronts too!

The Prezident is gone, long live Mr.Prezident

You might have guessed: new skills require a new brand. Mr.Prezident co-owner Paul van Hattem clarifies our choice: “As our name is Mr.Prezident, our brand should reflect a certain degree of authority. At the same time, we wanted to create a modern look-and-feel. The new logo reflects both and is fitting, because we have always strived to create work we can sign off on with confidence. So our logo is really a signature now.”

Contact us

Well, that’s it. We’re wrapping up. Do reach out to us with any comments, questions or perhaps your favorite GIF. We’re always on the tip of our chairs and totally ready to make sure your presentation blows your audience away. Also, we’re happy to pop by your office, and show examples of our presentation pioneering.

Yours truly,