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A day in the life of Else

Meet Else, Else is one of our designers who can also animate. We know Else as a very kind colleague who likes to do crazy ‘free dancing’ from time to time at the office - and she has the skills to show it. She is also committed to the environment and likes to travel to places surrounded by nature.

Goodmorning! You wake up, what’s going on at casa Else?

On some days I love to work out before heading to the office. On these days I wake up early and take a class (like bootcamp) with friends at seven in the morning. This really gives me energy and I think it’s a fun way to start the day. The only downside is that I occasionally forget to pack some of my essential clothes for work. Sometimes I realise after my workout that I have forgotten to bring my socks. Again.

And then, what do you do when you get in the office?

Well I start with a banana and some coffee, as I don’t have time for a proper breakfast whenever I work out. In addition to that I like to work in my ‘own zone’: I prefer to work the whole day on the same illustration for example, also I work with my headphones on. During work I listen to all sorts of music, depending on my mood. Varying from Nicolas Jaar to classical music, but I also secretly like to listen to hits from Marco Borsato. Which I really shouldn’t be telling you.

What inspires you?

Many things inspire me actually. Meetings can be inspiring and energizing for example, because we’re brainstorming in a big team and you form cool new concepts for clients. Every now and then I attend events where designers talk about their work, here the ideas behind their work inspire me most. I love it when people start talking passionately about what gets them going, this is much more exciting than the output.

How do you improve your skills?

In my spare time I like to try out tutorials and create illustrations on my iPad. But also working together as a team creates growth, because people tend to react differently or come up with different ideas which stimulates new directions. This can be super informative.

What is the source of your energy?

When I’m happy with the result of my work I get really energized, that’s because I value my own appreciation a lot. Sometimes I can be tough on myself because I want to create the best work possible, this is at the same time a reason why I keep pushing myself. Ooooh and the sun most definitely adds to my level of energy, I become instantly happy when the sun’s out.

How does your average weekend look like?

Normally I don’t plan too much during the weekends actually. On Friday evenings I like to hang out with my friends in one of our regular spots, I love to sleep in, have long lunches with my boyfriend and meet my family. I also try to work out and on Sundays we have breakfast in bed!