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A day in the life of Erin.

Meet Erin, Erin is the glue in our office which holds pretty much everything together. In her role as project manager she makes sure all projects are planned thoroughly, internally as well as externally for our clients. Her secret weapon? We can’t say for sure (but we think it’s her love for puzzles?).

How do you start your day?

I prefer to wake up and get straight out of bed, no snoozing around for me. Then I hit the shower, have breakfast and hop on my bicycle to work. When I have arrived at the office, I first check my email and slack before making myself some tea. After that, I make a little round with the designers to check if they know what’s on their schedule for the day.

And then...

Most days I have multiple meetings going on, checking in with the designers several times a day. Every day I’m updating the planning according to new progress or input. When a new client is landed, new plannings have to be made for the team but also for the client. In this way everyone knows what to expect and when.

What happens when a new enquiry comes in?

So first the inquiry comes in with our account management team. Then I get involved to calculate the quote which we communicate back to the client. When the quote is approved, I set up a kick-off meeting for the team that will be involved for the project. Then the team starts working on a concept, from where they will come to a final design. All the planning involved in setting meetings, assigning hours, staying within budget etc. is my responsibility.

What makes you stressed?

I get stressed when there are too many projects for our capacity. I never want to sell no to a client, so I try to shift work around as much as possible and otherwise we work with freelancers. It’s sometimes as if I’m working on an endless puzzle, but I love to put the pieces together and make it work.

What are your highlights at the office?

This year I’m part of the party committee at the office. We organized a weekend away with the office recently and we planned an amazing Christmas party last year. I really love all the excitement that comes with planning such events.

What are your current personal projects at the moment?

I’m pretty busy actually. We just bought a new house which takes up a lot of work in my spare time because we are completely renovating it. We’ve had to figure out regulations, look for an affordable contractor, set up meetings with architects and we’re picking every detail for the house ourselves, that being as big as the kitchen, or as small as power sockets. Next to that I’m also looking for our first family dog. If you’re following our office Instagram, you probably know that we have a Goldendoodle walking around every day. Hopefully, soon there will be two! Also I am creating macrames in the weekend when I have some time left.