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A day in the life of Fleur

Meet Fleur, our Account Manager who works with us for 2 years already. She got married recently and is the mother of baby Siem, however this doesn’t mean that Fleur takes it slow. When you get to know her better, you know she loves a drink and a little party. Also she has the ability to flabbergast the entire office with the occasional spot-on joke.

You wake up, what is the first thing you do?

First I make sure to have a shower, dress myself and have breakfast with Joep (zhe husband). After that, I take Siem out of bed, feed and dress him and bring him to daycare. As I’ve moved out of Amsterdam to afford my ‘grown-up-house’, I need to wake up pretty early to get everything done and to catch the train in time. Little detail: we found out this week that Fleur has breakfast in bed at least twice a week, brought to her by her husband. Understandably we are beyond jealousy of this fact.

You get in the office, what’s next?

When I get in, I like to make a cup of tea with a splash of milk (I’m not a coffee drinker) and then I get through my mailbox to see if any inquiries came in.   

And then?

Then I have a look at all the projects which are scheduled for the designers. Does everybody know what they have to do? After that I’m working on my own to-do list for that day. I call the people back that have send inquiries so I can go through all the details, as I like to make sure we completely understand what they want. After I send them a quotation based on the wishes they have.

Coolest aspect of the job?

Since working here I’ve been on quite some trips abroad, which I think is really nice. I’ve visited the HQ of Prezi in Budapest, been to London, Marbella, Germany and a few times to Belgium. Definitely a nice aspect of working here!

Okay, hard question: what is the best thing you’ve experienced since working here?

Every year we’re going on a weekend trip with the whole office. Generally we rent a big house in the countryside and there are always lots of activities planned. The part which I like most is that you get to know people in another way, it’s a complete different setting from the office. It’s also these moments that I feel really proud of the time.

Biggest accomplishment?

When we won the Prezi Award in 2017, that felt as a fantastic accomplishment. We won the award for the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre project, which I worked really hard on. It was a complex subject with lots of data which were difficult to process at first sight. However we accomplished to turn the ‘dry data’ into a lively presentation, having that acknowledged by Prezi was really cool. Want to see the result? Check it here.