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A day in the life of Pieter

Meet Pieter. Pieter is the co-founder of Mr.Prezident and is responsible for our growth; both in terms of new (international) partnerships as directing the company towards the next level. Besides this, he is also responsible for our finance. Pieter is the dad of our office dog Bo, you might have seen her already on our Instagram. Andddd…. he is expanding the family! At the moment of writing he is expecting a baby girl and we’re over the moon and super excited to meet her, we just need a little more patience.

How do you start your Monday morning at the office?

Before I get to the office and into action-mode, I like to start my day with some ‘me-time’. For me, me-time means working out early in the morning or walking the dog to the office. I always make sure to watch the news during breakfast to see what is going on beyond my own little bubble. On Mondays, I first meet with my co-founder Paul and our Commercial Director Sven. In this meeting we discuss last week’s highlights and f*ck ups, our team, things concerning our culture and last but not least, the focus points for the week ahead of us. Whenever I want to focus entirely on our strategic plans, I often don’t go to the office at all.

How do you improve yourself?

Not sure how to answer this since every single day of the past 8 years has been an incredible experience. I’m learning from every client, every project and every phase our company went through. Apart from that, I try to hang out with, or learn from, people that inspire me. This can be anyone, including new colleagues

You work long hours. How do you create balance with your private life?

I try not to stick with the standard office hours because that stresses me out. I rather think about getting things done in a prioritized way and whenever I feel truly productive. There are 24 hours in a day so dividing the workload between these hours helps me stay flexible and energized. Also it’s easier this way to combine work and private activities. That being said, my girlfriend also helps me by keeping things in perspective and by asking me to put my laptop and phone away sometimes. As an entrepreneur, I can always find an excuse to keep on going. My health and private life are always on top of the list because without that, there’s no way to be successful professionally.

What makes your workday a good day?

If the team and clients are happy, I’m happy. But sometimes landing a cool, new project is all I need to smile for the rest of the day. As Hannibal Smith (The A-team) used to say: “I love it when a plan comes together”.  

What are your goals concerning Mr.Prezident?

I’d love to see Mr.Prezident become the absolute go-to agency for presentations. An international household name for everyone dealing with high stake slide decks and/or big venue talks. Due to recent developments I know we are heading that direction. This motivates me to keep pushing. On the other hand, preserving our amazing company culture is a goal at itself. So despite our future growth and commercial goals, we want people to feel at home and love the work they do. Luckily I have Paul helping me out with that.