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How to leave a lasting impression on big audiences

At Mr.Prezident, we’re very aware that not every presentation is the same. One of the aspects that differentiates presentations is the size of the audience. A pitch for two people asks for a different approach than a talk for over a thousand people at a conference. Today we help you tackle the big ones with Mr.Prezident’s five tips for presenting to a big crowd.

#1 Speak slowly

In large audiences, there will always be a few people who won’t be impressed. It’s key to not rush through your presentation because you’re worried about that handful of people.

Another element that tends to rush us: bigger spaces and sound equipment can echo. Slow down, keep your calm. In small rooms, people might follow if you pick up the pace. But for bigger spaces, take it down a notch.

#2 Know who you’re talking to

People often forget to research their audience. When speaking at a conference for experts in FinTech, you should not have to explain what mobile banking is. However, if you’re talking to an audience less familiar with the topic, be sure to clarify. Without talking down to them! Being aware of your audience makes room for inside jokes and gives you insight into what jargon might and might not work.

#3 Simplify your visuals

People came to see you speak and inspire; they are expecting a live performance. They did not come to read a list of bullet points on a huge screen. Make your visuals work for you by letting them support your narrative, instead of stealing attention. Minimize the text and go for simple visuals that capture your message. When retired astronaut Chris Hadfield gave his TED Talk, his presentation solely existed of impressive high-quality pictures, mostly from outer space.

#4 Make a statement with data

Data can bore the living daylight out of people. Sometimes. Just add a little nuance to your numbers and it can become fascinating. Storytelling and data go hand in hand. Adding a simple, visually appealing, chart or graph to your message can make a bold statement. To learn more about captivating data visualization check out Infogram’s blog.

#5 Think big

The bigger the crowd, the bigger the presentation. Your voice, body language, and pauses should all be adjusted accordingly. Be constantly aware of your audience and the fact that you are on stage. Speak a little louder and make your gestures a little bigger. Put some drama into it!

With these tips in hand, you should be able to rock any conference, TED talk or congress you might be presenting at. Still struggling? Give our experts a call!