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A peek into the world of Senior Designer Dolf

We’ve got a secret to share: we only employ awesome people at the Mr.Prezident office! One of them is our Senior Designer Dolf Reitsma. He’s been working with us for the last 5 years, since the beginning really. And although no day is the same, here’s a little peek into some of the things he does on a daily basis.

What do you do before you get to the office?

At home I help my wife to prepare the kids (3,5 and 0,5 years old) for daycare: I give my youngest son a bottle and try to get my daughter dressed and ready to go. Then, I am the first one to head out and spend way too much time on the train: I commute from The Hague to Amsterdam every day. On the train, I usually check out the planning of that day.

Reaching the office; what’s the first thing you do?

At the office, I check my schedule again and our account manager Erin often drops by to discuss the day’s projects and our clients’ feedback on running projects. Then I’m ready to go and start the design day!

What challenges do you face?

It can be a real challenge to make sure that we provide our clients with everything we’d like to provide them with! When working with the Belgium Nuclear Science Center, for example, it was a challenge to create visuals to back up the difficult subject matter and make it clear to the audience, while at the same time looking appealing.

What do you get inspired by?

I like to keep up with the latest design trends and to get inspired I often check into Behance or Dribbble for some nice creative images. I also check my personal Instagram feed on a regular basis. I follow a whole range of people; from illustrators to design agencies.

Nicest part of the day

The best part of my work often comes at the end of the day: when we’ve created something that went above and beyond the client’s expectations.