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A peek into the world of Creative Director Paul

Paul van Hattem, Creative Director and Co-founder set up the Mr.Prezident office seven years ago. His work is seriously diverse and no day’s the same. Here’s a quick peek into some of the things that make up Paul’s time at the office!

What do you do before you start working on great stories?

I’m not a morning person and need some alone time before going to the office. I usually spend that time looking browsing the web, in search of inspiration for storytelling or for the presentations we’re working on. I then hop on the bike; I live a 5-minute ride from the office so getting there is easy!

Reaching the office; what’s the first thing you do?

With a cup of coffee in my hand to help me get started, I try to check in with all my colleagues to see what they’re up to that day. I then set up for my first meeting. I’ve got lots of meetings every day so I prepare for those mentally, haha.

What challenges do you face?

The challenge I face every day is how to combine the different roles I fulfill at Mr.Prezident and its sister company Fresqo. Being Creative Director, I’m in charge of the storylines and the creative part of presentations and everything else we do. I am also responsible for HR tasks and managing people. This translates into many different types of meetings, like a management meeting, marketing meeting, account meeting and job interviews. There are never enough hours in the day, and the key is prioritizing! I’ve become better at that and I’m learning every day.

What’s so cool about presentations and storytelling?

I work with a team of great designers and other people that all really love their job. Together we create beautiful things, every day! I think that’s great.

Nicest part of the day?

Sometimes when we’re working on a presentation, everything just falls together. That’s always a great part of the day. Other times, I see how people help each other to create the beautiful results we’re always looking for, and that can really make my day. Especially when I see it happening without me interfering. I’m proud of the creativity machine that we have created here!

How do you end your day?

Around 6pm, we usually turn up the volume of our stereo and drink a beer together. Great way to tune out of storytelling-mode and end the day!