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Don't be arrogant, be prepared

Last week Dutch comedian Bianca Krijgsman won an International Emmy Award for best performance by an actress. As it was her drama debut and her competition was extremely talented, Bianca did not expect to win. She did, and she had to come forward to address the audience. Totally unprepared, she delivered. Her speech was celebrated as energetic, funny and original. Perfect, or not?

Only if unprepared

Bianca walked on stage and pulled it off. But we have to take in account that she's an extremely talented comedian and that she's not afraid of making a fool of herself, and that helps when the world is watching you.

In a night full of prewritten, uninspired thank-yous, Bianca's message was refreshing and energetic. Her enthusiasm and emotions were pure, contributing to the power of her talk. She had an important message to share, though. As the film was shot in an asylumseekercenter and the asylum seekers played as extras is the film, Bianca took a moment to express her hope, wishing that the extras will be given permanent residency status, so they can start rebuilding their lives. It was a wonderful message, straight from the heart, but it kind of faded away in her rattling and thinking of whom to thank.

Only if prepared

If Bianca had prepared her speech, it would have lost some on-the-spot-originality, but being creative, she would have found ways to keep it original. The energy she took to the stage is hers, unprepared or prepared. Knowing whom to thank would have made her story coherent and less sloppy.

These little things do point out that being prepared would have been better in her case, but let's turn to the single most important message in her speech; her hope for the asylum-seekers. It was, but it wasn't central in her story as it was just one of the things she listed. In a prewritten speech she would have been able to build up to this message and she would have been able to stress its importance. She could have expressed how the film changed the way she looked at the situation of asylum-seekers and she could have expressed her hope for the individuals she met while filming. Only if she had prepared her talk, people would remember the message, instead of ' Hi I'm Bianca from Holland. Woooooooow!.


Our advice to you all is: Be prepared! Not really a life-changing lesson, right? We know, but let us rephrase: If you think you're talented, if you know exactly what you're talking about, if you think your charisma will do the trick, if you give pretty much the same speech on a regular basis, or if you are guilty of any other slightly arrogant reason not to prepare, remember, your single most important message will not remembered by your audience! Being hasty, looking for words, oh-yeah I forgot to mention, or any other minor slip-ups will downgrade the weight of your single most important message. And that's an opportunity wasted.

So be prepared, always.