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First TV commercial

This week one of our clients, Dibbadoo, launched their first TV commercial. So what has that to do with Mr.Prezident? Well, we are responsible for the concept, design and animation of this commercial!

Dibbadoo is an Amsterdam based start-up that focuses on making SMEs more successful by offering affordable online marketing solutions such as tailor-made websites that meet the latest standards. Unique websites with a modern look that work perfectly on desktops, smartphones and tablets, at an accessible monthly fee.

"A website is very important because it is often the first customer touch-point with a company. Many entrepreneurs have an outdated website. We're here to help them create a professional online business card." – Stephan van Soest (Owner of Dibbadoo)

As Prezi Design Agency we're not in the business of the creation of TV commercials but when Dibbadoo approached us with this project we were very excited and considered it as a great challenge. Check out what we've made and feel free to let us know what you think (note: commercial is Dutch spoken as Dibbadoo focuses on the Dutch market).

Click here to read the full press release about this campaign.