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Five presentation trends for 2017

With New Years still fresh in our memories, we are taking stock on what’s trending and what not in the field of presentations. We are happy to share the top 5 trends we expect to see in 2017.

1.    Conversational Presenting

Expect more presenters engaging with their audience to ensure they are optimizing the valuable time. Using new tools such as Prezi Business allows for presenting specific and relevant topics that help to engage with audiences.

More presentations will be designed with interactive interfaces. This displays presentations like a website: you click on a topic the audience wants to know more about.

2.    Movement

While embedding a video may now be common, the movement towards… movement is happening quickly. Presenters will implement more cinamagraphs, gifs, and animation in their presentations. You will certainly see moving images more often and in creative ways. As these tools become more accessible and affordable, they will be used to draw attention and add the often missing “wow factor”.

3.    Sleeker Iconography

The Emoji revolution is real and everyone is jumping on board. While the fun and easily understood icons are used frequently in daily communication, expect to see more iconography to introduce or explain complex content. Icons have become a universal language that allow easy and multilingual comprehension, naturally allowing presenters to address a wider audience. 

4.    VR Presenting

With VR headsets becoming the norm, anticipate putting on a pair of these high-tech goggles during a 2017 presentation. I mean, talk about taking your audience on a ride; VR presenting allows the audience to taste the full experience while seated in a conference room. One of our favorite developments!


5.    PowerPoint taking a back seat.

Gone are the days of slide 1, slide 2, slide 3. This is the era of “instant”. Of: ‘give me the overview and then give me the tidbits I like’.  With several newer and more dynamic presenting tools like Prezi and ScrollMotion

These are just a few of the things we expect to see. We would love to hear from you what presentation trends you are expecting in 2017; do share!

Whatever will come our way as we try to sweep our audiences of their feet, we at Mr. Prezident would like to wish you a very Happy 2017!