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Ludus: presentations with limitless creativity.

When working in an office full of designers, word goes around pretty fast when a new presentation tool presents itself on the market. Of course we’re more than happy to share these new discoveries with you, so today we will talking about the new presentation tool Ludus. An online platform that allow you to build your presentation with unlimited possibilities when it comes to creativity. Our designer Hud found out about them earlier this year and Ludus even interviewed him on their website!

What’s it all about?

So what is Ludus about? Of course it’s about limitless creativity for your slides, as their slogan states, the possibilities are endless. There are lots of integrations possible like Dropbox, SoundCloud, Sketchfab but also for example Google Maps. This makes working with Ludus quite exciting as you can integrate almost anything into your presentation. Next keyword which applies is “easy”. Using Ludus is no rocket science. The software is intuitive and, you can quite literally play around while building your presentation. Third keyword is “customization”: you can customize fonts, draw something, add code, decide between multiple transitions for your slides and even more. Maybe it’s just best to see for yourself.

Last topic we want to discuss concerning Ludus is that they’re super responsive. Do you think they should add another feature? Just reach out to them and they’ll get back to you within no time

Give us a call

Do you need help building your first Ludus presentation? Just contact us and we’ll get on it and design a presentation answering to your needs and wishes.