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“Online screen-sharing
is not a replacement
for face-to-face presentations."

Working remotely

With everyone working remotely and practicing social distancing these days, my first thought as a presention developer was "I will miss the engagement we have in an offline presentation setting. How could we replace that?" (okay, maybe not my first, but it was a thought that came to mind).   

To me, online screen-sharing is not a replacement for face-to-face presentations, because I can get distracted with my surroundings and lose track of the presenter's story, which for me are the two most crucial elements of any presentation: Story and flow. 

The presenter and the content in one screen

When it comes to delivering a good presentation, the presenter is the key to unlock those two points. Guiding the audience through his/her story by the way of speaking, body language, interacting with the audience and synchronizing their flow with a well designed presentation is what makes me focused and engaged.

Prezi Video

This is where Prezi Video comes to play. It allows us to have both the presenter and content online, on-screen, at the same time and in an immersive way, not just a corner with a thumbnail sized face. It helps us to engage with the audience even when everyone is in a different room, somewhere on this globe. I have a much longer attention span and i stay more focused when the presenter is always there, occupying a big portion of the screen and talking directly to me. And I hope it helps you too. 

Our colleague Nic from NYC recorded a presentation using Prezi Video to show you what I mean, have a look: