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Best Prezi 2015

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived - the winners of the Prezi Awards have been revealed!

We are proud to announce that we've been awarded the Prezi Award for Best Educational Prezi 2015 with our ‘The Amazing Human Body’ presentation. We always try to push ourselves creatively and this award is recognition of our work as the Prezi Design Agency.

What Prezi says:

This prezi brings facts and figures to life by translating them into visuals that are far more memorable than the raw numbers. By zooming in on the different parts of the body, this prezi helps us understand all of the information in context. The nifty 3D background also adds visual interest that keeps viewers engaged—learn how to use 3D backgrounds in your own presentations.

The Amazing Human Body

At Mr.Prezident we are true fact fans, so we decided to bring some impressive physical facts about the human body to life in this unique Prezi. We are all amazing and astonishing facts and figures show that. Curious? Well, let’s explore The Amazing Human Body!