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Another year, another Prezi award.

If you follow our social channels, you might have heard about our latest achievement. Yes, we are winners of the Prezi Award 2018 and super happy about it! Our prize winner was a presentation which we made for the Dutch research institute TNO. The aim of the presentation was to visualize 100 years of geological mapping. This timeframe of 100 years contains many researches, techniques and results, aka a lot of data; therefore the tool Prezi was a logical decision for us.

It’s the fourth Prezi Award we have won thus far. In the past we won also the awards from the years 2014 (Best Overall Design), 2015 (Prezi Best Educational Design Award) and 2017 (Best Overall Design).

Deepdiving in the earth below.

In the Prezi we deepdived into the various layers of earth below us. We travelled in time throughout the important geological periods displaying the timeframe through image and text. In this voyage through time we also exposed the techniques of the period and showed maps from the era.

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