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Prezi Tips - 3 Shift key secrets

Whenever you have used Prezi multiple times chances are high you have used Prezi shortcuts. But there are more shortcuts than Prezi gives away on their ‘Keyboard shortcuts’-page. In this article, we will reveal a few which all concern the Shift-key!

Let’s start of giving away the most obvious one, as it actually is mentioned on the Prezi website: Whenever you want to work pixel perfect, like a real Prezident, you will often find yourself using the arrows to place your selected content perfectly. By holding Shift, your content will move 10 pixels instead of one.

Now you are really ready to know the 3 Prezi secrets of the Shift-key!

1. Making a selection

While editing your next memorable presentation you might find yourself wanting to resize, replace, delete or duplicate multiple objects in your Prezi. There is a quicker way, than doing this one by one. Hold Shift and click and drag your mouse over the group of objects you want to select.

2. Adding and removing from your selection

You are now able to select a group of objects which are close to each other, but perhaps you do not need to select all of it. Just press and hold Shift and click on the objects you want to remove from your selection. And it works both ways!

You can also add more objects to your selection, just by clicking them.

3. Locating the group your object is in

At Mr. Prezident we like to use Prezi to the fullest. That is the reason every now and then we find ourselves clicking an object which will not select because it is part of a much bigger group. Your now beloved Shift-key can do the trick! Just hold Shift and click the object, and Prezi will just bring you to the group. It is as easy as that!

That is it for now, hopefully you will feel like a Prezident the next time you Shift your way through your next amazing Prezi!

Respectfully yours,

Mr. Prezident