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Prezi or Powerpoint? We highlight the differences.

We present ourselves as the presentation agency (pun intended) and we work with multiple tools for building our presentations. However, 90% percent of the time we use Prezi and PowerPoint and that’s why we want to compare these two tools today.


Let’s start with an obvious comparison. Prezi is an online tool, which makes sharing and working together on the same presentation much easier. Fantastic when you need to work as a team on the same presentation. FYI: Google Slides is another tool designed for online collaboration, there are however some limitations when it comes to lay-out options.


As PowerPoint has been around since forever, chances are pretty high that you have worked with PowerPoint before. Next to that it is compatible with other Office apps such as Excel and Word. Prezi is a relative new kid on the block and as not everyone knows the tool yet, the opinions are somehow divided. Their software is developing pretty fast though, which makes it possible to get some fascinating results.. when used correctly.


When it comes to the design of a presentation, the outcome very much depends on what you put in. A beautifully designed presentation needs for example consistent and high-quality visual elements.

In PowerPoint you have more options for designing within the tool. PowerPoint animations for example provide different possibilities to tell your story. Check out this presentation we created for Dell to get a sense of animation power.

Prezi however, already has several unique templates from which you can choose. This makes starting on a presentation quite easy and helps you with the designing aspect. You can also consult Google Images in Prezi, without leaving the actual tool. Next to this, there is the tool Infogram - which helps to visualize data - which works directly with Prezi. This makes designing a presentation with lots of numbers much easier. Check one of our award winning Prezi presentations below.


If you want to make a conversational presentation that needs a big overview of your key topics, turn to Prezi. Due to the helicopter view and “zooming movement” you can easily go into detail whenever needed. This gives your audience an interactive yet logical path to follow.

PowerPoint is good to use if you want a linear story. Make sure you use clear topics, titles and storyline to give your audience a clear path to follow. 

Security of PowerPoint vs Security of Prezi

PowerPoint is almost always approved at the big corporates. It’s the standard tool and for 99% of the cases Powerpoint aligns with the security measures and IT ecosystem of the company. Prezi is also a safe choice due to the attention for cybersecurity. Because Prezi is mostly an online tool, therefore it’s not uncommon for a legal and/or IT department to ask you where the Prezi’s servers are located and how they are protected.

For more information about the Prezi Security White Paper, download it here.

For more information about the Office 365 Security White Paper, download it here.


To use PowerPoint, you can purchase the office 365 package for 70 euros per month. If you are lucky, Office comes pre-installed on your company's computer.

Prezi is free to use, but subscriptions (starting at 7 euros per month) will unlock more features, especially for professional use.

The prices of Prezi Team and corporate licenses differ. If you want a tailored quote, you can contact us. As an Official Prezi Expert we can probably get you a substantial discount.