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The Little Christmas Tree 

By Nicholas van der Kwast

The Little Christmas Tree 

Well here we are, a week on from our first weekly blog and Christmas is fast approaching. With that, I wanted to share with you a jolly Prezi created by our design team last year. We crafted the Prezi as a gift to those who are interested in telling their own Christmas story. And since Christmas comes around every year this template is certainly a gift that keeps on giving.


Please feel free to view and download the Prezi template below.

Christmas Party

I also wanted to give you all a glimpse into Santa’s secrete work shop, AKA our end of the year office Christmas party. This year the theme was “tacky dress”. That resulted in flashy tracksuits, shiny jewelry and exploded haircuts. All our typical Dutch clichés where there as well. From ‘Gourmetten’ to playing bingo whilst listening to and singing along with our most famous Dutch folk singers. As you can see, everyone got into the spirit.