We are here to advice you on which presentation tool would fit your objective, to help you with the implementation and to provide training when applicable.

The right tool for your presentation objective.

Here’s a selection of the presentation tools we use. As stand alone software, they all have great assets. If you use the right combinations, you will make a big leap forward in your overall presentation performance.


PowerPoint offers quite a broad spectrum of options, like integrated 3D and animation tools, and it's the go to presentation tool for most enterprises. For this reason it's the tool we use most often.


Prezi is a presentation tool that uses an infinite canvas to display text, images and video. A real game-changer, that has rapidly gained popularity all over the world. We are a 5 times Global Prezi award winner and have platinum expert status.

Google slides

Google Slides is all about easy experiences. It enables you to work on the presentation from wherever you are and to share and collaborate with colleagues.


Apple's PowerPoint competitor that has been around for decades. If you run an all Mac business, Keynote is your way to go.


Shaman is a cross platform sales tool that allows you to import all your marketing collateral. You can import pdf files, PowerPoint, videos and photos and create your own storyline with these elements.


Foleon is an online publication tool. Think digital magazine goes 7.0, filled with rich content, such as film and interactivity. A powerful aid to send over information beforehand or afterwards.


Brought to you by the people from Prezi, Infogram is a data visualization tool that allows you to bring your data to life and use it in various presentation software.
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