Best Overall Prezi Design

We are proud to announce that we’ve been awarded the Prezi Award for Best Overall Design with our agriMORE Prezi. This is a fantastic reward for the hard work put in by our entire team.

Best Overall Design



Mobile presenting Prezi

What Clients Say

I’ve very much enjoyed working with Mr.Prezident. We at Coca-Cola are working with many global suppliers and agencies and we have high standards. Mr.Prezident has always kept deadlines, always work close to the briefing, very approachable, good listeners and the right mix of pro-active thinking and creativity. Keep up the good work!
I. Bernhardt, commercial director, Coca-Cola Middle East and North Africa
Mr.Prezident has helped us to upgrade our retail sales pitch. Thanks to their flexible approach and inventive ideas we were able to create a unique presentation, both content and story wise.
Mick Hoogwerf, Marketeer, Vodafone
Working with Mr.Prezident was fantastic. We had a last minute project that we wanted done creatively to shift the presentation from boring to soaring. The entire team jumped into work and delivered a presentation that stood out from the sea of sameness and helped Zeal to define ourselves to a new group of people in a way that actually captured their interests and made them all pay attention.
Joe Prebich, Director of Marketing, Zeal
Prezi presentations are a breakthrough in storytelling, the way people learn. Especially when Mr.Prezident helps you out
Wim van Melick, Director, Growing Talent Ogilvy & Mather Europe, Middle East & Africa
People always ask us about our presentation tool. Mr.Prezident’s technical development and strategic communication skills add real value to our own products as well as our client’s.
Ruben Brunsveld, Stockholm Institute for Public Speaking
Prezi is awesome. Mr.Prezident trained me in Prezi and created a template in our own branding. Itâ’s so easy now (and fun) to make mind blowing presentations and really get the attention of my audience. It gives me great confidence. I am the Prezi Expert within my company now
Ruben Juninck, Retail Marketing Manager, Lenovo
Mr.Prezident was the first Prezi Expert to respond to my cry for help on Twitter. This led to a great co-operation and an impressive presentation. Since then the Prezi has been used several times, with great results every time. I’m glad Mr.Prezident was there to help out.
Dik Nagtegaal, Press Officer, SBS Broadcasting B.V.
My Prezi presentation continues to amaze clients and is an important part of our sales strategy. Mr.Prezident has done a great job in creating an innovative communication tool. A true Prezi Expert
Nils Kok, Executive Director, GRESB

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