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Having a PowerPoint template made by an expert.

What can I expect when I hire a PPT template maker?

Looking for a professional PPT template maker? You've come to the right place! When outsourcing the creation of a PowerPoint template, you can expect to have a team of professionals who will work with you from various angles. They will consider the story you want to tell, create a visual style that is on-brand, and add lively effects to your presentation. This way, your presentation will be unique and leave a lasting impression.

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Looking to have a PowerPoint template made?

Send us a message and we'll schedule a no-obligation meeting with a PowerPoint Designer.

How long does it take to have a PowerPoint template made?

Just like people, organizations have different needs and requirements, so it's difficult to give an exact estimate of how long it will take to create a presentation for you. However, during an initial consultation, we can provide a clear idea of how much time we anticipate needing to produce your presentation. Additionally, we will keep you updated on the progress throughout the project, so you are aware of the time spent from step to step.

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Do you also create interactive custom PowerPoint presentations?

Yes! We specialize in interactive presentations, where you can dynamically switch between different slides and are not bound to a linear structure. These types of presentations are similar to an app or website with a nuanced mix of animations. This way, you give a lively presentation that keeps the viewer engaged.

Prefer to have a Prezi instead of a PowerPoint template made? No problem. You can also have your Prezi presentation created by Mr.Prezident.

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Why is professional PowerPoint design crucial?

To convey information in a compelling way, a professional PowerPoint design is essential. A custom presentation makes an impression on the audience, helping your story come across better and keeping their attention.

As a presenter, you also make it easier for yourself with a professional PowerPoint design. With its useful features, you can stay on track with your story and even have interactive options to learn more from your audience.

The costs of a PowerPoint design expert depend on the specific project. After gathering input, we estimate the number of hours required for the presentation, divided between storytelling, design, and development.

Additional requirements may add to the costs, but we provide transparent updates on our hours so you won't be caught off guard.

A PowerPoint design expert can help you get the most out of your PowerPoint. By utilizing its capabilities, your presentation can have a unique look and feel. Many people are unaware of PowerPoint's potential, including interactive features and 3D animations.

Our expert creates professional PowerPoints that align with your brand and use more options than a standard template. This keeps the audience engaged and focused.

At Mr.Prezident, we value transparency and flexibility. At the beginning of the project, we have a conversation to discuss the available input and requirements. Based on that, we provide an estimate of the necessary hours. Our services include developing the storyline, creating a design, and further developing the presentation using our ppt template maker.

Using this information, we prepare a quote with a prepaid budget. You'll only be charged for the hours we spend on the presentation. Our clear and transparent record of hours spent makes it easy to understand.

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